Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord in Louisville, KY

Toyota Camry
Honda Accord
Fuel Economy 29/41 city/highway MPG 30/38 city/highway MPG
Hybrid Fuel Economy 51/53 city/highway MPG 49/47 city/highway MPG
Base Engine 2.4-L 4 Cylinder 2.5-L 4 Cylinder
Horsepower 203 192
MSRP $23,845 $23,720
Hybrid MSRP $28,150 $25,320

Compact cars are the often the epitome of practicality in the automotive realm: reliable, durable, and affordable. So, when two popular compact cars compete head-to-head, who wins?

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Oxmoor Toyota has a wide selection of new and used vehicles at competitive prices. Choosing among a competitive segment, like the ever-popular mid-size sedan segment, can be a difficult decision. Innovative mid-size sedans like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord offer spacious interiors, fuel efficiency, and leading performance options. To make a fully informed decision, we recommend examining a number of key factors in order to determine the right car for your unique lifestyle.In terms of performance, both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord offer a standard 2.4-liter 4 cylinder engine that can be upgraded to a 3.5-liter V6. Both the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord also feature hybrid configurations that have impressive fuel economy. Though these models are extremely comparable in many ways, the Toyota Camry hybrid truly outshines the competition, which a better fuel economy at virtually a better price point than the hybrid Honda Accord.

In terms of style, the Honda Accord features a classic-if-subdued silhouette while the Toyota Camry has a more sporty aesthetic, with a large front grill and aerodynamic chassis that suggests speed. Though each model is elegant, the Toyota Camry is sure to turn heads throughout the greater Louisville, KY area.

For a mid-size sedan that offers the total package and then some, we suggest the Toyota Camry. Choose the Toyota Camry hybrid to save money at the pump and in the showroom. Or, select the 3.5-liter V6 engine for aggressive performance capabilities to make the athletic exterior of the Toyota Camry. To test drive the Toyota Camry of your choice, visit our Louisville, KY Toyota dealership!