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Toyota Oil Changes

We have a team of Toyota certified technicians with genuine OEM engine oil and oil filters offering our customers a remarkable opportunity to secure a one-stop oil change shop throughout the life of their vehicle. We pile on quality service ingredients to offer our customers the best oil change services that keep their Toyota’s engine lubricated and cool, extending premium value by mitigating wear and tear while lengthening engine life.


Types of Oil Changes

Conventional Oil

Conventional Oil

The traditional engine oil recommendation for decades, conventional oil is often referred to as regular, basic, and standard because it is the traditional staging point for lubricating combustion engines. Conventional oil continues to be recommended for some new-model vehicles with low-mile engines, but a trend continues whereby synthetic alternatives have become increasingly popular for some late-model vehicles.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Right between conventional and full-synthetic, this type of engine oil is like a hybrid blend of the two in terms of performance and cost. It offers improved lubricative properties beyond conventional but not quite as good as full-synthetic.

Full-Synthetic Oil

Full-Synthetic Oil

Fully produced in a laboratory from man-made chemicals that mimic petroleum’s lubricative properties, full-synthetic contains no raw petroleum and outperforms the alternatives across each measurable performance metric including viscosity retention and resisting sludge formation.

Diesel Vehicles

Diesel Vehicles

This type of engine oil was explicitly engineered for lubricating diesel-engine Toyotas, such as the Tundra and Tacoma diesel models.

Oil Change Services

Our oil change services begin with a Toyota certified technician and the factory-specified engine oil for your Toyota model. The old oil will begin draining while the oil filter is removed. The highly qualified expert technician will then inspect the engine oil system to ensure it is in good condition to support the fresh oil. The technician will then install the genuine OEM oil filter and the recommended engine oil from our parts department. When you own a Toyota in the Louisville area and need an oil change service, we invite you to gain peace of mind with your oil change at a certified Toyota service center carrying your vehicle’s name at Oxmoor Toyota.

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Oxmoor Toyota is located at: 8003 Shelbyville Rd • Louisville, KY 40222

Oil is the lifeblood of your Toyota's engine. It lubricates the pistons in the engine block, exhaust valves, and the bearings of the crankshaft. Over time, oil breaks down and can't lubricate as well as it did when it was new. Regular oil changes by the trained technicians at Oxmoor Toyota help you keep your car in great shape and keep the engine going for longer. Here's a look at what's involved in an oil change at Oxmoor Toyota:

Oil Level is Checked Prior to Starting the Change

Before a Toyota technician starts the oil change, they check the oil level first. This is an indicator of how well the engine is performing. A low oil level means the engine is exhibiting signs of wear and tear, and can indicate if there's an issue with the engine or if it's in keeping with the age of the car. High mileage and older cars burn oil due to the increase in tolerance, or space, between cylinder and cylinder wall in the engine block. The car can also lose oil through the exhaust valves due to the high temperatures involved in exhausting engine gasses. 

The Toyota technician makes note of the oil level and if there should be further investigation into the engine's performance. They'll discuss the issue of oil burning or leaks with you in case you're unaware, and let you know how to handle the issue going forward. An older car that's burning a small amount of oil between changes isn't usually problematic for the owner apart from the need to top off the reservoir between changes. However, if the car in question is a newer Toyota with average mileage, an oil leak or burn can be a sign of a bigger issue in the engine. 

Each Oxmoor Toyota technician has undergone training to identify potential problems with an engine's operation. They're ready to help an owner understand the issue as well as inform them about the implications of the future performance of their car.

The Drain Plug is Removed to Drain the Oil Pan

A seemingly simple and basic action is actually a very important part of your Toyota's oil change. A Toyota technician can learn a lot about the state of your engine by looking at the condition of the oil. Used motor oil is dark and viscous due to the dirt and debris that is collected in the engine during its use. Oil breaks down from the high heat of the engine and generates sludge as a result. Engines are designed to handle these issues, but no engine should run on old motor oil for very long. Old motor oil robs the engine of performance and can accelerate the breakdown of moving parts.

It's a given that used motor oil will be dirty and have debris. A Toyota technician at Oxmoor Toyota is trained to recognize the difference between acceptable and excessive contamination. If the oil has acceptable contamination, the oil change progresses as usual. In the event the technician notices excess contamination, they'll alert the owner and recommend the appropriate action based on what they find in the used oil. 

The technician checks the threads on the drain plug for wear, and replaces it into the pan after the oil has completely drained. However, the car isn't quite ready to receive fresh oil. The oil filter needs to be changed before refilling to ensure no contamination from the old filter gets into the fresh oil. 

The Oil Filter is Taken Off and Replaced

Changing the oil filter is a standard part of an oil change at Oxmoor Toyota's service department. It's an important part of the process and the operation of your Toyota. The role of the filter is to remove contaminants from the oil as it runs through the engine and protect it from particles getting into the engine and damaging the pistons and chamber walls. It, too, is prone to breaking down or becoming clogged to the point that it limits or prevents engine oil from flowing through and winds up starving the engine of oil. Regular oil filter changes work in concert with an oil change to keep the engine operating properly.

An oil filter looks like a metal can that's closed on top and has an open plate at the bottom. It has a sealing gasket on the edge of the open end that allows it to seal against the engine's central hole. The holes in the open plate enable the oil to move through a filtering media inside the can, then out again into the engine. This process is repeated constantly as you drive your car, eventually wearing out the filtering media. Your Toyota technician replaces the old filter with a new Toyota-branded filter or OEM equivalent to ensure correct operation of the engine. 

Fresh Oil is Poured Into the Engine's Oil Intake 

This is the last step to refreshing your car's engine. Some cars take four quarts, others take five, and some Toyota trucks need six. The amount needed is dependent on various factors that include the size of the engine and the type of use the Toyota is designed for. It's always good to know the weight of the oil and how many quarts your car needs to operate effectively. In the event your car is burning oil, or has a leak, you need to keep it topped off with the appropriate oil weight and not go over the required volume of oil. 

At Oxmoor Toyota, our technicians use synthetic or conventional oil depending on your preference. They use the correct weight of oil that your engine requires for proper operation. Toyota's engineers determine which weight of oil is optimal for your vehicle, and our technicians follow that requirement. You can feel confident that our technicians have your peace of mind at heart when they work on your car.

Come see our selection of new and used Toyotas at Oxmoor Toyota today. Not ready to step onto the car lot? Check out our inventory online and get in touch with our finance specialists so you can walk in and drive away in as little time as possible. 

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