Toyota Safety Sense in Louisville, KY

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Oxmoor Toyota is delighted to tell our Louisville, Kentucky, customers all about Toyota Safety Sense, a safety feature package that comes standard on many new Toyota vehicles at no extra charge. The latest advanced safety system from the manufacturer that consistently brings home the award for safety innovation. Toyota Safety Sense combines radar and camera technology to make your driving experience safer than ever before. A pre-collision system alerts drivers when an obstacle or other vehicle is dangerously close, and can even apply the brakes in certain cars. The lane departure alert utilizes a windshield camera to let drivers know when they’re veering off the path. Automatic high beams activate and dim, as needed. The system features dynamic radar cruise control to ensure drivers keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and pedestrian detection to sound an alert in the presence of people in the path. With Toyota Safety Sense, Toyota drivers have a true partner in safety. Learn more by scheduling a test drive with Oxmoor Toyota.

More About Toyota Safety Sense

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Roll away the miles on your next road trip to Hoosier National Forest in your Toyota Highlander with automatic cruise control via Toyota Safety Sense. There’s peace of mind behind the wheel of a Toyota Sienna passenger van, equipped with pedestrian detection when you’re ferrying young ones to school or to the baseball field. Feel more secure driving your Toyota Camry on US-60 at night with automatic high beams and lane departure alert. Whether you’re a student driving a new Toyota Yaris from Oxmoor Toyota to and from the university, or traveling to and from the job site in your Toyota Tacoma, you’ll breathe easy and drive confidently in Louisville, KY, with the Toyota Safety Sense advantage.

Visit our Louisville, KY, dealership to learn more about Toyota Safety Sense, standard in many new trucks, SUVs and sedans. Contact Oxmoor Toyota to set up a test drive and get all the details today.

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